Sunday, June 29, 2008

Port San Luis 6/29/08

Got out into the ocean for a few hours today in the bay at Port San Luis (Avila). It took me two tries to get out, and for the lamest of mistakes. As I waded into the surf holding the bow up, the wind and receding wave behind me swung the stern toward the water, where it was promptly filled with an inch of water. Instead of going out already wet, I dragged the boat back on to the beach and used the pump and sponge to bail it out. I stopped once to chase my hat down the beach. Successful entry on the second attempt. The wind was really blowing off of the hills that form the bay, and paddling was slow. I paddled under the pier and hugged the shoreline, staying out of the wind and playing around some rocks. Spotted some otter out in the kelp, and lots of seals (there are hundreds here). I beached in the cove at the point by the lighthouse, and let some things dry as I had lunch. On the beach, I met Tom and Tim, who were enjoying a few brews and waiting for Tim's stuff to dry. It was his first time out in a borrowed kayak (round bottomed sit inside Wilderness Systems no longer in production) and he dumped twice before making it out through the surf. They were both good natured about it, and we all know that there are dues to be paid. Very windy on the way back, but mostly on my port side, since I paddled a straight path back to the beach. No problems beaching, but difficult to carry the boat up in the strong wind. Another great paddle.

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