Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Perfect Day. I love the bay.... (we love it)

Did the bay circuit today, leaving Pasadena Point at 10 am and heading north into a pretty good wind. The wind waves were just short of white caps, but tightly spaced. Once I reached the area by the museum, it was better protected and easier paddling. I followed the east side up past Morro Bay and around the hook toward Morro rock and into the harbor entrance. I embarrassed myself near Target rock. I was keeping a respectable distance from the shoreline, watching out for casting fisherman and giving them plenty of space. I also kept my distance from the family of sea otters, and tried to stay just out of the channel, not wanting to be in the way of motor boats. What I didn't notice until I was nearly on top of it was a buoy marking divers below, and nearly passed right over it, getting a wake up call from a spotter on the shore who alerted me to it. Sorry guys. My bad.
In the harbor entrance area, the wind was blowing toward the ocean, the tide was going out, and the swells coming in. It was pretty dicey along the breakwater, where waves crashed over. Some guys were having trouble in a zodiac out near the end of the breakwater, and were getting pounded by incoming swells. I went over to see if they needed help, but as I neared, they freed a line that was tangled in the rocks and broke free of the area.  The paddle back to Baywood, although against the tide, was much easier due to the constant tail wind. Thanks.
During my paddle, I watched the crew of one of those Hawaiian-style outriggers doing their stuff. Took a pic but it is not too good. Also saw my neighbors, the Wishons, as they joined friends for a boat warming of  the sailing vessel Fair Wind.
Oh yeah, it was nice enough to be shirtless in February.