Monday, July 11, 2011

Jellyfish and Chablis

The tide was very high and cresting around 6:30 PM, and my  friend Ron Saul and his band The Dentures were playing for a friend's 60th Birthday Party on the tour boat Chablis in Morro Bay. What to do? Easy. I paddled out from Pasadena Point just after 5 PM and humped it into the wind across to the sand spit, heading north from there on a leisurely pace to the dock where the Chablis Cruises docks. Along the way, I noticed quite a few orange jellyfish, and attempted to take some pictures. I arrived dockside next to the Chablis just at 6, when a surprised birthday boy arrived. I listened to the Dentures play (they are terrific!) and paddled along with the Chablis for a while on its southern trek through the bay. Wherever I paddled, I passed jellyfish. Eventually, I paddled back to Los Osos and got out of the water around 8, with some sore shoulders from paddling hard for much of the way.
Though I usually don't mention endeavors other than paddling on this blog, it is worth mentioning the hike that Ron and Lorelei and I took along the bluffs trail in Montana de Oro if only to have a place to publish this photo taken of a rattle snake that was next to the trail (one of four we spotted without really trying). Stay on the trails, people, and watch where you step.

Morro Bay July 8, 2011

I arrived in town at about 5:15 PM, and noticed the high tide in the estuary as I drove by.  I quickly unloaded the truck and then loaded my kayak and gear, hitting the water at Pasadena Point at 5:38. I paddled across the back bay to the sand spit, and then south along the spit for a bit before heading back. I was back on shore just after 7 PM. During my time on the water, I did not see one other boat. Too bad, as it was a beautiful time to be out, the breeze was not too strong, and the flowers blooming on the sand spit.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morro Bay June 25, 2011

With the tide already low (and receding), friends Jim and Linda and I paddled from the pier at Tidelands Park in Morro Bay. We headed into the tide, and paddled south past the museum, and then crossed over to the sand spit for a walk and a look at the ocean side. Reversed the path for the return trip, and saw a group of white pelicans feeding in the shallows. Everyone enjoyed the paddle, and all entries/exits were dry! Thanks to Linda for the pic.

San Simeon June 24

No pictures from this day, which was spent on my sit on top. I was in full wet suit, hoping to do some snorkeling, but never did. Originally, this was to be a two kayak outing, but turned out to be just mine. For some odd reason, I rarely manage a clean, dry entry at San Simeon, and this day was no exception. My second attempt was the clean and dry one. Nice to get the wet suit wet. Did a bit of cave and nook exploring along the north side, and sat next to the cliff letting the spray from the blow holes get me. Fun. Did a bit of swimming off of the boat, but not much. Also practiced some landing/re-entries. Mary F spent the entire afternoon swimming the cove with her boogie board. I could not have lasted that long in the cold water (or swum that long). San Simeon is always nice.