Monday, July 11, 2011

Jellyfish and Chablis

The tide was very high and cresting around 6:30 PM, and my  friend Ron Saul and his band The Dentures were playing for a friend's 60th Birthday Party on the tour boat Chablis in Morro Bay. What to do? Easy. I paddled out from Pasadena Point just after 5 PM and humped it into the wind across to the sand spit, heading north from there on a leisurely pace to the dock where the Chablis Cruises docks. Along the way, I noticed quite a few orange jellyfish, and attempted to take some pictures. I arrived dockside next to the Chablis just at 6, when a surprised birthday boy arrived. I listened to the Dentures play (they are terrific!) and paddled along with the Chablis for a while on its southern trek through the bay. Wherever I paddled, I passed jellyfish. Eventually, I paddled back to Los Osos and got out of the water around 8, with some sore shoulders from paddling hard for much of the way.
Though I usually don't mention endeavors other than paddling on this blog, it is worth mentioning the hike that Ron and Lorelei and I took along the bluffs trail in Montana de Oro if only to have a place to publish this photo taken of a rattle snake that was next to the trail (one of four we spotted without really trying). Stay on the trails, people, and watch where you step.

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