Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baywood solo

Went out solo this morning. The tide was not going to be too high, leaving just a window of time for paddling in the back bay from Los Osos. I left the pier at Baywood 45 minutes before high tide and returned 45 minutes after high tide. There was little wind, the sky was grey and trying to get sunny. In the Baywood cove I spotted a couple of bat rays, with one going right under me, but couldn't get a picture worth saving. I paddled out to the estuary, trying to find the channel  and eventually turned back when I realized that it would be too easy to get stranded in 3 inches of water. I headed back and paddled along the north side of the Baywood peninsula, and down as far as 8th street, which is only 2 blocks from home. Alas, the views from this side of the hill are much bettter.... The algae bloom has begun, and should soon cover much of the shallow areas along the shoreline there and also along the sandspit. A nice paddle back and an enjoyable hour and a half. I cover a lot more distance when paddling solo, and got at least a bit of a workout. The real workout was in the yard when I returned. All good.