Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eelgrass Program

This info has been in the papers and elsewhere; one more place can't hurt.
Volunteers are needed to take a waterproof map out with them when they're paddling on the bay and make note of their relative position when they paddle over eelgrass. The maps are available in Morro Bay at the Estuary Program office, Kayak Horizons, the Kayak Shack at the State Park Marina and the Harbor Office and in Los Osos at Coffee'n Things. Completed maps can be dropped off where they were picked up or at the Estuary Program office.
Contact info:
Ann Kitajima
Monitoring Program Manager
Morro Bay National Estuary Program
Phone: 805-772-3834, ex. 14
Fax: 805-772-4162

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cayucos, July 7, 2009

Since we had encountered big wind on our previous endeavor to paddle off of Cayucos, we hit the water before 9 AM and went out through the surf on the north side of the pier. We headed out toward the kelp, and then north up along the rocks and coves. Dolphins leaped at several different times, within 25 yards, but couldn't get a picture. Judging by the number of seals, dolphin, and pelicans, there must have been plenty of fish out there. We were on a tight time schedule, and didn't paddle north as far as we will on the next trip. Pretty good surf landing with only minor seepage and sand.

Morro Bay July 6, 2009

Mike M. and I left around noon to check out a possible paddle off of Cayucos, but found that, while the surf was not too big to get out, the wind was already blowing like crazy, so we opted to turn around and paddle in the bay. We put in at the Tidelands Marina and paddled into a stiff wind out to the rock and around the cove between there and the south jetty. There was plenty of swell near the harbor entrance, and we made sure that we stayed away from the dredger and from the several boats and a jet-ski that were working with a group of junior lifeguards. On the easy return trip, we were treated to a trio of sea lions who were coming in and out of the water very near to us. Two of them seemed to tussle a bit, but I honestly don't know the distinction between play and fighting when it comes to sea lions. Tried to get a picture but they were camera shy.

Morro Bay July 5, 2009

After everyone else left Los Osos, I took a pre-sunset paddle from Baywood Pier over to the spit and back. Lots of wind, and a good workout.

Surfing the South Jetty in Morro Bay

Mike, Steve S. and I paddled from Coleman Beach and out around the south jetty to do so surfing practice. It was a full wetsuit morning, and it's too bad we didn't get video. Plenty of great rides and spills. Learned a few things; the most important being that wetsuits are great if you have a good chance of getting dumped. Apologies once more to those who couldn't join us.......

Monterey Bay Aquarium

OK, this was not a paddle, but I drove up Highway 1 from Los Osos to Monterey, and there were HUNDREDS of places that I saw that begged kayaking! The aquarium is a great destination, and there were plenty of folks paddling in the bay visible from the aquarium decks. Anywhere along the coast looked great, although ingress and egress is often difficult. Plenty of places to go later. Don't forget the aquarium, which is just a great place.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Montana de Oro July 1, 2009

This has been a fabulous paddling week. Jim, Lorelei, Mary, Mike and I launched our flotilla from Spooner's Cove at 10 AM on a low tide. Windless gray skies that turned to blue complimented the calm sea and medium swell that remained throughout the 2+ hour paddle. We paddled south past Pt. Buchon, with one detour into a cove. With the tide low and several first timers in company, we avoided the caves and archways nearest the beaches. The return trip was closer to land, and we enjoyed the ride up and down the swells that had gained in size since the start. A bit of time playing around in Spooner's Cove and a safe beach landing for all completed another great day out.