Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Morro Bay July 6, 2009

Mike M. and I left around noon to check out a possible paddle off of Cayucos, but found that, while the surf was not too big to get out, the wind was already blowing like crazy, so we opted to turn around and paddle in the bay. We put in at the Tidelands Marina and paddled into a stiff wind out to the rock and around the cove between there and the south jetty. There was plenty of swell near the harbor entrance, and we made sure that we stayed away from the dredger and from the several boats and a jet-ski that were working with a group of junior lifeguards. On the easy return trip, we were treated to a trio of sea lions who were coming in and out of the water very near to us. Two of them seemed to tussle a bit, but I honestly don't know the distinction between play and fighting when it comes to sea lions. Tried to get a picture but they were camera shy.

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