Saturday, May 31, 2008

Morro Bay paddle May 31, 2008

Location: Morro Bay
Route: From Pasadena Point, Los Osos to harbor entrance at Morro Rock
Time: 1:15 PM-5:00 PM
Tide: 1.6 ft. at 1:15 Pm and rising to 3.1 by 5 PM
Temp: 62 F, sunny-partly cloudy
Wind: 10-20 from the northwest
Birds: Morgansers, grebes, a few pelicans; very windy
Other: beached cluster of seals (several dozen at least)
Notes: Wow. What a workout. Left Pasadena Point in less water than I would normally start there with, but thought that my knowledge of the channel and small channels between exposed mud flats would get me by. Had to walk out beyond the sandy beach and into the muck to launch, then paddled in very shallow water into a stiff wind to get out the main channel. Reached the channel even though some places were about 3" deep. Lots of wide, shallow strokes that lacked power! Followed the channel to the State Park Marina and took a pit stop there and a welcome break from the wind. Headed into Morro Bay and took another brief rest along the sand spit across from the Embarcadero. Less wind here. Paddled out to the beach next to Morro Rock and got out to climb up the north jetty and look at the ocean. Very small swell, but lots of wind all afternoon. Headed back to Pasadena Point with the wind either at my back or on starboard side. The combination of wind and in-coming tide made for a fast return. Wind was blowing hard enough to make getting boat from the water to the truck a final workout to the old arms and back. One of those days when a lighter boat seems like a good idea. Wooden kit perhaps........ Any suggestions: Chesapeake Light Craft vs. Pygmy? Here' a slide show built with Google Docs presentations, which allows me to create a powerpoint-like file online (free) and upload the pics as well. The imbedded code can be customized to several sizes. Peace and paddling.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Morro Bay Satellite View with placemarks

There is a larger map posted as the footer of this blog. Just scroll all the way down.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Steve's Paddle on May 10, 2008

Location: Morro Bay
Route: From Pasadena Point, Los Osos to sandspit and south to Shark inlet, follow shoreline past Cuesta Inlet, Sweetsprings Nature Preserve, Baywood Pier, back to Pasadena Point
Time: 3 PM-5:30 PM
Tide: 2 ft. at 3 Pm and rising
Temp: 62 F, sunny-partly cloudy
Wind: 5-10 from the west
Birds: many grebes, several brown pelicans, shore cluster of egrets, 2 great blue herons, hawk (dining on dock)
Other: 1 seal, many silvery feeder fish (splashing, jumping but un-seen)
Notes: lots of algae on sandspit side of bay, 2 other kayakers, 1 sailboat, saw Marc Schulman leaving when I was exiting. He had 2 of his orchid outriggers in the water and was out with 2 scientists from Scripps Oceanographic

Reasons for starting this blog

While paddling today, I noticed a lot of algae, and couldn't remember if it was present at this time in previous years, so I decided to create a blog to keep track of some things in order to compare and to add to the knowledge base regarding the bay in Morro Bay, California.
I will attempt to keep track of observations regarding:
Times and conditions (tides, wind, temp, etc.)
Wildlife observed
Area paddled
Misc. observations

I would also like to invite other paddlers to add similar data, with the object being to compile observations that will assist in guarding the health of this precious area.