Saturday, May 10, 2008

Steve's Paddle on May 10, 2008

Location: Morro Bay
Route: From Pasadena Point, Los Osos to sandspit and south to Shark inlet, follow shoreline past Cuesta Inlet, Sweetsprings Nature Preserve, Baywood Pier, back to Pasadena Point
Time: 3 PM-5:30 PM
Tide: 2 ft. at 3 Pm and rising
Temp: 62 F, sunny-partly cloudy
Wind: 5-10 from the west
Birds: many grebes, several brown pelicans, shore cluster of egrets, 2 great blue herons, hawk (dining on dock)
Other: 1 seal, many silvery feeder fish (splashing, jumping but un-seen)
Notes: lots of algae on sandspit side of bay, 2 other kayakers, 1 sailboat, saw Marc Schulman leaving when I was exiting. He had 2 of his orchid outriggers in the water and was out with 2 scientists from Scripps Oceanographic

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