Saturday, November 23, 2013

Perfect Weekend

The weekend of November 17 and 18 was great for paddling. On Saturday friends Lorelei and Ron and I paddled from Morro Bay into a slack tide and out toward Baywood/Los Osos. There were duck hunters along the sand spit, so we kept more to the middle of the bay and made a nice circuit, stopping at the point across from the State Park Marina for coffee and crackers. On Sunday morning, with high tide a bit later, we paddled from the Baywood Pier, crossing over to the Sweet Springs area and following the coastline around past the Cuesta inlet and out to Shark inlet, which we avoided as there were duck hunters there. The bay was dead calm and the skies sunny, which made for easy paddling. We drifted around near the sand spit and had some coffee and snacks before heading back across to Baywood. On the return trip, we had just the slightest of warm breezes at our backs. Perfect weekend.

Sunny with a chance of seals in Morro Bay

I'm usually all covered up to protect from the sun, but it was just too warm, so a few minutes of exposure felt great. It's always fun to send these pics to friends back East; right after the first snowfall. Yes, it was warm and windless on a perfect central coast Sunday (Oct. 6) morning. We paddled to our heart's content and had some fun watching a group of seals frolicking around the back bay.