Monday, November 16, 2009

Morro Bay November 14, 2009

I have been remiss in updating some paddles; I did paddle the back bay a few times in September and October. Nothing out of the ordinary to report on those trips.
On Saturday, 11/14/09, I got the chores done and headed to Morro Bay to paddle from the marina at Tidelands Park. At 2 PM, the tide was almost out but was still flying by in a hurry on it's way to a minus reading. The wind was blowing hard from the north, and the bay was a brown froth of tide versus wind. I opted to paddle north into the wind, taking a few breaks in semi-protected areas along the sand spit. It was a good workout getting to Morro Rock, where there was construction activity going on along the shore near Target Rock.
I paddled out to the red buoy that marks the harbor entrance at the end of the breakwater, and could see that the ocean was not looking at all hospitable to small craft. I headed back, and didn't really need to paddle at all; just let the wind blow me back. Followed up my workout with a trip to Thai Bounty for a delicious dinner (Noi's Little Thai Takeout closed for the month as they visit Thailand.