Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Montana de Oro July 1, 2009

This has been a fabulous paddling week. Jim, Lorelei, Mary, Mike and I launched our flotilla from Spooner's Cove at 10 AM on a low tide. Windless gray skies that turned to blue complimented the calm sea and medium swell that remained throughout the 2+ hour paddle. We paddled south past Pt. Buchon, with one detour into a cove. With the tide low and several first timers in company, we avoided the caves and archways nearest the beaches. The return trip was closer to land, and we enjoyed the ride up and down the swells that had gained in size since the start. A bit of time playing around in Spooner's Cove and a safe beach landing for all completed another great day out.

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Linda Riddle said...

Don't you mean safe, comical beach landing? That's the way I heard the story. (I hear laughing in the background as I write this)

Jim and Linda