Friday, June 20, 2008

Morro Bay paddle June19, 2008

Today, I paddled between 7 PM and 8:45 PM, on a tide that rose from 2.8-3.3 ft. There was only a slight breeze, and temp was still in the mid 70s. I left Pasadena Point and paddled north and east into the estuary, following the channels that were exposed by virtue of the slight wind. Where the slight wind-waves flattened out, deeper water was revealed. I paddled back to the area next to the Elfin Forest, but there was not enough water to make it to the main channel that goes under the road at Turri Creek. I contented myself with watching the pelicans that stood on the banks of the main channel, themselves apparently waiting for the rising tide to bring dinner to them. I counted 65 of them on the bank. After a while, as the water rose, many of them flew off, and the remaining 2 dozen or so glided single file in the channel, going with the tide and then back along a several hundred yard circuit. On my return, I paddled back to a spot a few hundred yards off Pasadena Point, and sat watching as the sun set. A perfect end to a beautiful day. Back on the beach, I met and spoke with Doug and Lana, recent Los Osos arrivals, who had been watching the sunset from the beach at the point. They left together on their electric scooter.

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