Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Best Way to begin February

Another gorgeous winter day on the Central Coast. Blue sky and warm sun beckoned this morning, so I paddled from Pasadena Point in Baywood, with the tide still on the way in. Despite the direction of the tide, I paddled into Morro Bay and eventually over to the sand spit, where I hiked over to the ocean and watched the remaining surfers on the south side of the south jetty trying to catch some final rides as the wind came up and blew out the surf. The tide had reached its peak by now, and the wind on the bay started up as well. I paddled south along the sand spit and met Alice and Steve, who were visiting from Portland and enjoying the sites of the area. They were paddling a double Klepper kayak that they bought new and have paddled all over for the past 45 years. Canvas on a wooden frame, the boat was in great shape (so were they) and was in original condition except for one newer seat. What and advertisement for Kleppers! I've paddled my Necky Kayook for 14 years now, and it is still in great shape, but I doubt that it will have the longevity of that old Klepper. Wait and see....

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