Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Port San Luis February 22

Lorelei, Ron and I had a great day on the water. We put in from the beach ramp area at Port San Luis (just north of Avila Beach) and paddled across the bay to the lighthouse area, where we beached and spent a bit of time climbing over the seawall to watch the surf. Several groups of folks also made it to this area; more kayaks than I have ever seen there. From the lighthouse, we cut across the water toward Pirate's Cove, and spent some time in the kelp beds and rock gardens. We completed our triangular trip by heading north up the coastline, paddling through the oil company pier and back to our starting point. We were bathed in sunshine the entire paddle, and had only a bit of wind that never made for difficult paddling. There were numerous seals and sea otters to watch throughout the day.

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