Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shark Inlet July 9 and 10

Paddled from Cuesta on a rising tide (about 3.5) to Shark Inlet two evenings in row. The first evening was a bit cool and breezy, but the leopard sharks were really putting on a show. There were dozens of them cruising in the shallows and doing quick spins before jetting away from the kayaks. They would pop up everywhere, often startling kayakers who screamed and laughed. I tried to take photos with my phone, but it was next to impossible to predict when and where they would appear. The only photo (almost) worth posting only shows one dorsal fin from 12 feet or so. The leopards have (go figure) leopard-like markings on their backs, and range in length from 3-5 feet. They are quite slim and incredibly fast. It was such a great experience that I went back the next night with a video cam and only saw 3 sharks and got zero footage of any action. It was still a great day that began with body boarding off of 24th street in Cayucos where everyone was treated to 3 dolphin who lazed back and forth just beyond the break. They weren't playing today, or jumping, just cruising very slowly back and forth fishing for whatever it was that they were eating. There was also a juvenile (very small) seal out with us; one of the paddle board surfers told me that the seal surfed the same wave I did about 5 feet away. No doubt the youngster already is the better surfer.

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