Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kayak surfing Cayucos July 2, 2010

Great friend and drummer Mike and I took our sit on top scramblers out for some surfing off of 24th Street in Cayucos. Pretty choppy from the wind and the surf was tight 3-4 feet. Some great rides and spectacular wipeouts. No pics of course; not taking my iPhone into the surf. Clarice shot some video from the beach with my flip cam, but all you can see are colored specs on the ocean. Tons of fun and loved my new wetsuit booties. What a difference warm feet make. Cowabunga, baby!


brthomas said...

Maybe Santa will get you a waterproof camera this year
Waterproof Digital Cameras for Paddleboaters, Hikers and other Outdoor Adventurers.

kayaxeman said...

I have had some fun since then with a Go-Pro Hero; a tiny little camera in a great mountable case.