Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lake Kaweah April 26, 2009

Brought my kayak home from the coast because it will be weeks before I can return. The nearest local lake is Kaweah, which is just below the town of Three Rivers. This man-made creation was about 20 feet or so below high water marks, which leaves plenty of water for paddling, and lots of places to go that aren't dominated by jet skis, ski boats and bass boats.
There is an area at the northern end of the lake that is called Slick Rock. There is a parking lot and restrooms there; a favorite place for families to swim and fish. When the water level is low, Slick Rock is just a small river running into the lake, but when the lake is full, the Slick Rock area forms the northern section.
I put in here, and paddled into the wind until I came into the main lake section, then reversed and let the wind take me back. I continued up until the lake became a river again, and went up as far as the first drop and rapids. The water is fast and clear here, and it was fun to paddle up the calm side and then into the short section of rapids that came off the drop. Nothing too scary for this solo paddler in a sea kayak; I played it safe at all times.
Between this area and the Slick Rock put in, there were numerous anglers on the banks, and perhaps a dozen more in several boats. The wind was kickin' pretty good, and the return trip was a good workout. I'm hoping to return soon with some friends, before the water level drops too much.

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