Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bay Cleaners

I got out this morning and on the water early enough to enjoy a few hours before the tides drained the back bay. A perfect, windless morning. Besides the usual water birds, there was an otter in the back bay, and a very young harbor seal accompanied by a more mature seal. Along the sand spit, I paddled over to visit Mike and Mark from Orchid Outriggers, who were paddling one of their outriggers and picking up trash along the shore of the sand spit. They do this on a regular basis, and equip themselves with trash bags for smaller items. By the time I caught up with them, they had a boat filled with all variety of washed up items. They mentioned that on a recent outing, they had recovered nearly 30 tires! Some of what gets washed up are accidental items; the result of capsizing or just the pounding of the tides on land and boats. Much more is just litter tossed from boats or left on beaches that get blown into the bay. I appreciate the efforts of stewards like Mike and Mark, and have always tried to bring back a little more than I take along. We all need to.

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