Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Morro Bay January 5, 2009

There was not much water in the back bay (Los Osos)today. I drove into Morro Bay and launched from the marina with the tide slack and less than 1 foot. With almost no wind (or sun) I paddled south toward Los Osos and followed the channel through the back bay up to where it meets the sand spit. With lots of exposed land, it was necessary to follow the red channel markers (keep the red on your right as you return from the sea- red, right, return- thanks Jim Lile) as they wind through the back bay. On the trip, I passed 50 or so seals who were hauled up on the exposed mud, 3 otters and many white pelicans. A paddle like this is more like following a river than the usual trek across the bay. I stopped just short of the sand spit, not wanting to disturb the thousand of birds gathered there.

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