Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sailing on styrofoam

Instead of paddling today, I mixed things up a bit and took the Sea Snark down from the rafters. This boat has been out maybe 5 times in the past 20 years. If you saw it you would know why.
I bought this boat for $35 from a garage sale in the early '80s. It is nearly the same as the Sunflower sailboat that I left behind when I moved to California in '76. The Sunflower was the "deluxe" version, which meant that it had a yellow plastic coating and a spray deck. This one is pure, un-adulterated styrofoam. This model was from a Kool cigarette promotion where the smoker could turn in the ends of (10?)cartons of cigarettes and get a boat. There may have been money involved, but I doubt it. Today's sail was great, and the boat will see more water time in the future. I might want to fix the piece on the top of the mast that is presently an old film container with a hole punched through it. Then again.......

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caragirl said...

Ever thought about selling yours? Do you know where I could find one?