Sunday, July 6, 2008

Morro Bay Paddle with Jim Sill

On a foggy and not very warm day in Los Osos, buddy Jim Sill and I took a short hike in Montana de Oro, walking along the bluffs near Spooner's Cove, down to the tide pools, and looped around back through the bush trail. Unfortunately, the fog kept Jim from seeing the awesome panoramic views available from the hill top overlooks in the park. We did get a close up view of a rattler just off the trail. After a bit of lunch, we put the kayaks in at Pasadena Point in Los Osos and paddled across to the sand spit. A bit windy, but not bad. I noticed something odd on King dune, and we paddled down to watch a group of young men who had constructed a hundred foot long "slip and slide" from a roll of plastic on the steep dune. They doused it with water, poured liquid soap on themselves and slid their way down and into the bay. Quite amusing. We paddled north along the spit and stopped to hike up to a point where the vista is broad, but visibility was limited. Still gorgeous. Paddled back with the wind at our backs.

Some Dune Slidin'!

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