Tuesday, December 18, 2012

King Tides Paddle Morro Bay

Mike, Ron, Lorelei and I paddled from the Baywood Pier on a 5+ foot tide on Saturday, December 15. The weather was fine and windless, leaving a glassy bay for us to explore. We paddled over to the sand spit, where we realized that the very high tide had deposited trash right at or just above the water line, making it easy to pick up and bring back with us. We took the trash that we could fit, using a 5 gallon bucket that was part of what we picked up. We did not have the capacity to bring back larger items, like the full-sized plastic trash can that we took from the water line up to higher ground. We plan to organize a more concerted effort on the next very high tide, bringing along trash bags and towing an empty sit on top or two to fill up. We continued down along the spit to the place where it hooks over toward the Morro Bay Embarcadero, and took out there to walk over the dunes to the beach side, where we enjoyed tasty snacks (fun to say peanutbutterballs). We took a more direct route back, able to paddle right through the grassy island area that was nearly totally submerged.

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