Friday, July 13, 2012

Two paddle day

Mike and his new Necky Manitou 14 with skeg
One day, paddling twice, very nice.
This morning (July 13, 2012) buddy Mike and I paddled from the Tidelands Marina to take his new Necky Manitou 14 out on its maiden voyage. We paddled on a receding tide to the sand spit and south past Grassy Island, with just enough water to make it through. We continued on south to the channel and then over to Baywood at Pasadena Point. From there we paddled just outside the estuary area and over to show Mike the new launch point at the State Park Marina. Paddling past the museum, we continued up the east side and back to the marina. Mike loved the new boat, and we were in the boats for about 2 1/2 hours. Much easier on his back than the scrambler. Faster too, as well as drier and quieter. Good stuff.
At 5 pm, Ron, Lorelei and I paddled into the wind from the Baywood Pier across to King Dune, where we took out and hiked to the top to enjoy a dinner of Noi's yellow curry with an ocean view. The scenery, food, company and paddle were all top notch. The tide was high, plenty of water everywhere, and Ron got to test out his boat with the rudder that he added to keep from blowing sideways all the time. It worked! 

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