Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Paddle

Bennett and Ron dwarfed by the dredger
Well, the back bay had about a spoonful of water in it, so we headed to Morro Bay to paddle from the Tidelands Marina. Mike, Bennett, Ron, Lorelei and I headed into the breeze and into the incoming tide; destination Morro Rock. The weather just kept getting better as we paddled. Lots of rental kayaks out and people having fun. We hugged close to the rock to keep our distance from the dredger that was on its way in. We paddled over to the north jetty and along it, just checking stuff out, and eventually out into the harbor entrance itself, where, true to form the ocean showed just how powerful it is even on a calm day. The trip back was almost too easy, with the wind and tide pushing us home.

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