Saturday, April 14, 2012

Surfing in the Bay

On April 5, Mike M. and I paddled out from the Baywood Pier around 10 am. The breeze was just starting to pick up and the tide was near its peak. We headed to the sand spit and got out of the wind. We paddled south into Shark Inlet, and then back up along the spit, taking out to stretch our legs and snack on pretzels and pistachios.
The wind had picked up considerably, so instead of paddling a straight line back to Baywood, we heade upwind until we had a direct wind-at-our-back ride back to Baywood, heading southeast. By this time, the bay was covered with 2+ foot wind waves that were very tight. We found ourselves surfing on the way back. I had to do some back leaning to keep my kayak nose out of the water in the trough of the wave in front of me. We really flew back, whooping and giggling.

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