Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back Bay Jan. 6, 2012

Looking East from middle of sand spit. Foggy on the mainland
For the past week, the tides have been such that there has been little water during daylight hours. By Friday the 6th, the highest tide of the day had worked up to 8 am, which meant that I needed to go out early on my last day here before returning to the "real world". Unable to find anyone else interested in an early paddle, I got up, made some coffee, apologized to the dog (who has become accustomed to morning walks) and headed down to Pasadena Point, where it was cold and windy. No matter; there was plenty of water. I paddled without pause across the bay to the sand spit, and arrived at 8:24. Not a soul was in sight on the water. It was just a bit foggy, but I could still see Baywood a mile across the bay. Well, at least I could see an outline of Baywood. On the ocean side, the surf was pounding, and the winds turned the waves into a series of crashing boils. I sat out of the wind, in a bit of sun, and enjoyed my lukewarm coffee. Note to self: Bring the thermos, not the commuter cup. The paddle back was warmer and faster, with my back to the wind. This was my 5th paddle in 6 days at the start of the new year (the non-paddle day was body boarding), so no complaints from this guy! Back to work.

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