Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shark Inlet 8/8/11

I paddled from the Baywood Pier on a rising tide, planning to paddle around the point and into the estuary, but the wind and waves were coming pretty solid from the northwest, so I headed into them and out over to the sand spit, then south along the spit into Shark Inlet. Once in the inlet (and out of the wind), I paddled slowly and watched as numerous little silver fish ran out ahead of my boat. Before long, a leopard shark hit hard and fast on the edge of the water over the pickle weed. It was the only one I saw. With the tide over 4 feet and rising quickly, I paddled back as far as I could, into the 3 foot wide channels that fill only on higher tides. I settled against some pickle weed and just sat for a while, amazed at the flow of the tide into the channels. When the place where I sat became totally submerged, I headed back into Baywood with the wind on my aft quarter, making good time.

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