Friday, January 7, 2011

Back Bay with Mike

Mike and I paddled from the Baywood Pier in mid-morning, about an hour before high tide. The sun was out, with some clouds, but absolutely no wind. Just glass. We paddled to the Cuesta Inlet, then along the golf course area to Shark Inlet, where we saw no sharks. Continuing north along the sand spit, we checked out a catamaran that was beached up at the high tide mark, and back in some tules. We could not get in close enough to find any reg. numbers or a name. Most likely, the boat blew over from Cuesta. Further up, I spotted something orange just off the shoreline, floating above the pickleweed. Turned out to be a large (marine diesel?) Fram oil filter. Really? Who does that? I strapped it to my deck and disposed of it when we returned. We stopped to stretch our backs and walked up the dunes to a high point, trying to unravel the mysteries of numerous animal prints that crossed over each other in a helix. Best guess; a rabbit chased by a dog or coyote.
We spent some time at the top, enjoying the view (360 degrees) and some pistachios. The picture is from there. We cut back across to Baywood; a wonderful 2 1/2 hours on the bay, on a day that would make any non-Californian jealous.

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