Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turri Creek

The bay did a full flush today, from a high tide of 5.39 feet to a low of -0.55!

Friend Kirby and I paddled out late morning just after the peak of a high tide and headed from Pasadena Point into the estuary and under the bridge up Turri Creek. It was mostly windless on the way in, and we saw a bit of leopard shark activity in the shallows near the Elfin Forest area. It was easy going up the creek, where we spotted a fair-sized turtle hanging out on the bank. The tide was draining pretty fast, and we rode the flow back into the bay, where we sat in the now-exposed channel and enjoyed  delicious chicken salad sandwiches, complements of Gina. Thanks, Gina!
The rest of the paddle back was more of a challenge, as the wind had picked up appreciably, and of course, we were paddling into it. The temp dropped as well, requiring some added outer wear. A nice workout and a fine trip of sightseeing and conversation.

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