Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back Bay January 6, 2010

I paddled from Pasadena Point again at 1 PM on a rising tide on this beautiful, sunny day, and headed toward the Cuesta Inlet, where buddy Jim A. was leaving and planned to meet me out on the bay, which of course, we did. On the way there, I noticed something in the sky to the north, out over the ocean near Cayucos. I pulled out the binoculars and saw that it was a white blimp, and headed our way. It came fairly close to the sand spit on the ocean side, on its journey southward. I could not make out what it said on the side, but took several iphone pics, none of which remotely shows what looks like a blimp! In the picture, look above the bow of Jim's boat for the dot that was looking pretty big to us. The iphone is just not a good enough camera for anything far off (more than 20 feet). Jim and I paddled up along the sand spit, getting out at several spots to walk up to the top to enjoy the 360 degree vistas. We were both very grateful to be able to enjoy this fantastic place (and he gets to live here). While picking up some trash, we noticed something moving in the scrub on and watched for a bit. It turned out to be a big coyote, and it was no more than a hundred feet from us, but seemed not too worried about the guys in the kayaks floating off shore. We eventually headed back to our respective put ins, and again I found myself enjoying wine, dinner and good conversation with friends later in the evening. What a great week.

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