Thursday, June 11, 2009

Montana de Oro June 11, 2009

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Linda, Mary and I put in at Spooner's Cove in Montana de Oro State Park this morning around 9:45. This is an amazing place enjoyed by many; hikers, bikers, equestrians, surfers and tide-pool explorers, as well as typical "family day at the beach" outings. Anyone who thinks of closing a place like this to save State funds has no soul.
The put in was easy, with very small breakers at the beach in the cove, but wind and tight swells made paddling a bit dicey, especially heading out past the point in the "whacky water" that is trying to go several directions at once. We paddled out to the kelp beds, where the water is settled. From there we paddled south for a quarter mile or so before returning because the conditions were un-predictable. We enjoyed a fine roller coaster ride back into the cove and spent some time playing around the rock features there. A great paddle and a promise to return.

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